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Product Videos

Frenzee FXT Trolley MK2

FXT Trolley MK2 - Assembling

Frenzee FXT EVA Containers

Frenzee Precision 6E FXT Pole

360 Lock Accessory System

FXT Match Seat Box

Accu Cast Method Feeders

Stretch Hollow Elastic

FXT Match Pro Umbrella 50"

Mono and Braid Scissors

FXT Landing Nets - Hair/Scoop

FXT F1 Scoop Handle

MatchPro FXT Keepnet

Eeze Glyde

Match Pro FXT 9ft Feeder

Euro FXT Keep Nets

FXT Clothing

Loaded Mono

Big Daddy Pole Pots

Bait Punch Set

Precision 4m FXT PRO Handle

Stretch Solid Pure Latex Elastics

Precision FXT Power Pole

Loaded Hooks

Bait Bands

Double Pole Sock

Hook-Up Box

3m Match Pro Power FXT Landing Net Handle

Pole Feeding Pots

Pole Rollers

FXT 3.5m Net Handle

Precision FXT Edge Pole

Rod Sock Protectors

Pulla Beads

Silicone Tubes

Soft Pots

Polarized Glasses


Frenzee Videos

Carp on the short pole with Mick Bull - The Frenzee Sessions


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