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FXT HGV Trolley MK2

Product Code: FXT-HGV-01

RRP (inc vat): £189.99

A trolley designed like no other. The super stable base of the HGV delivers a secure and safe housing for not just box and bags but rods too. Designed for secure transportation to and from your swim and reliable strength to make sure you and your tackle get there safely.

A base of four wheels incorporating puncture proof tyres on a two bearing rim. This enables smooth, free running movement that glides along with a gentle push. The Steel frame is built to house rod holdall and accessories before the larger box and bags are added. This offers complete safety whilst ease of loading and unloading.

The carry pouch benefits from a double pocket system, the main compartment has a heavy duty zip running around the edge. This allows the wheels to be stored cleanly and safely whilst in transit and doubles as a stay dry pouch for those important extras. A small Velcro pocket on the back of the pouch offers yet more storage for those smaller items.

The steel frame, once fitted together offers a huge platform area for storage. The steel extender bars increase that frame size yet again meaning even the largest amounts of tackle can be carried safely.

Designed to house rods safely within the frame ensuring a lower centre of gravity and minimum chance of any toppling over, even on the most difficult of terrain.

Features include:

  • Massive Load capacity
  • Extender arms for larger items
  • Zip load wheel pouch and carry bag
  • Velcro pouch for smaller items
  • Two ball bearing wheels
  • Puncture Proof Tyers
  • Powder Coated Frames for corrosion resistance 
  • Easy Grip Handles 
  • Box Protector Plates

Protected by Registered Community Designs Nos. 002821520-0001 and 002821520-0002, and by unregistered design rights.

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HGV Trolley

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