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Product Code: FS6

The 'carrot' pattern! A lot of today's top anglers are switching to this pattern such is its increased performance compared to 'standard' floats. Designed for deep slow moving canals, drains and rivers this pattern really does offer you the edge when lifting and lowering delicate baits to induce bites from those super shy feeding fish. Thin plastic tips offer superb bite registration, thick short wire stems offer little or no wobble when shipping and the long slim body gives maximum control when lowering baits. The steep shoulders mean that when holding back in a flow the float doesn't ride up and cocks immediately for instant bites. For deep water bloodworm fishing, this is the future!

Available in weights: 0.6g/ 0.8g/ 1.0g/ 1.25g/ 1.5g/ 2.0g/ 2.5g/ 3.0g/ 4.0g

FS6 Product Images


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