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Precision Pole Pots

Product Code: 810102-810104

RRP (inc vat): £4.99

Frenzee’s precision range offers precision feeding with 3 lid types to suit deployment of baits. The precision range is a low profile accessory that fits directly over the end of the pole- no more pushing forward! When used with the frenzee i-bush it provides a secure connection that prevents damage to your pole section. This is thanks to added design features and quality manufacturing that is integral to all products within the precision range.

Available in three types:

  • Precision Pinkie - for deployment of pinkies
  • Precision Maggot - for deployment of maggots
  • Precision Particle - for deployment of particle baits


  • Sits low on the pole
  • Hinged lid to prevent loss of bait
  • Left and right hand opening
  • Lightweight material
  • Use with the Frenzee i-bush for robust fit around pole
  • Lid for deployment of Pinkies/ Maggots, Particle Baits

Product Codes

810102 / Precision Pots Maggot
810103 / Precision Pots Particle
810104 / Precision Pots Pinkie

Precision Pole Pots Product Images

Precision Pole Pots

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