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Clear Soft Pots

Product Code: 810121-810124

RRP (inc vat): £3.99-4.99

Everything to do with this NEW Soft Pot has the same unrivalled Frenzee production details as the famous black and orange pot. The clear and black now employed for a slightly more stealthy approach.

Fish are becoming more astute to the shadows overhead especially when in shallow water. We understand that nothing will cancel the shadow created by poles and pots but this will help diffuse the shadow decreasing the dark projection.

Same great pots in the same great sizes, the Frenzee Clear Soft Pots are available now.

Community Design No: 001328827-0001-0002

Product Codes

810121 / Soft Pots Small/Medium/Large + Lids (Clear/Black)
810122 / Soft Pots Small Pack of 2 + Lids (Clear/Black)
810123 / Soft Pots Medium Pack of 2 + Lids (Clear/Black)
810124 / Soft Pots Large Pack of 2 + Lids (Clear/Black)

Product Video


Clear Soft Pots Product Images

Clear Soft Pots
Clear Soft Pots

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