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Precision Multi Bomb

Product Code: 812320-812323

RRP (inc vat): £2.99

This Bomb can be used for a wide variety of situations, there are no rules when it comes to this unique feeding system. Load it up with micro pellets, groundbait, additives, the possibilities are endless. This bomb also has a big advantage in the winter when you do not want to feed a lot of bait.

Fitted with a high-quality large swivel and available in four different sizes ranging from 10g – 34g. These anti-roll shaped Bombs sit stable on slopes or in moving water and work perfectly with a lead clip.

Each weight is stamped with its size and coated with a low reflection finish that will help camouflage your set-up.

  • Unique feeding system
  • Anti-Roll
  • Low reflective finish
  • Large swivel link 

Product Codes

812320 / FXT Precision Bomb Multi 10g
812321 / FXT Precision Bomb Multi 15g
812322 / FXT Precision Bomb Multi 24g
812323 / FXT Precision Bomb Multi 34g

Precision Multi Bomb Product Images

Precision Multi Bomb
Precision Multi Bomb
Precision Multi Bomb
Precision Multi Bomb

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