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Precision Bomb

Product Code: 812301-812304

RRP (inc vat): £2.99

Fitted with a high-quality large swivel link and available in four different sizes ranging from 10g – 40g. These anti-roll shaped Bombs sit stable on slopes or in moving water.

Each weight is stamped with its size and coated with a low reflection finish that will help camouflage your set-up and work perfectly with lead clips.

  • Anti-Roll
  • Low reflective finish
  • Large swivel link

Product Codes

812301 / FXT Precision Bomb 10g
812302 / FXT Precision Bomb 20g
812303 / FXT Precision Bomb 30g
812304 / FXT Precision Bomb 40g

Precision Bomb Product Images

Precision Bomb
Precision Bomb
Precision Bomb

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