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Accu-Cast Camo Cage Feeder

Product Code: 811720-811727

RRP (inc vat): £1.95

The Accu-Cast Camo Feeder is a one-of-a-kind cage feeder. It flies straight and true with NO wobble both when casting or on retrieve.

With the new updated mesh and low reflection finish and with the added unique design of the lead system, this feeder is in a class of its own. Designed with accuracy and performance in mind, the new lead system incorporates extra weight meaning no more adding weight.

Sizes from a 3 hole at 10g to a large 6 hole at 40g these feeders cover every eventuality from minimal feed fishing in winter through to the big river feeders where you need to pack in the bait.

Comes complete with a feeder bead and snap link swivel.

Product Codes

811720 / CCF Mini Cage Feeder 10g
811721 / CCF Mini Cage Feeder 20g
811722 / CCF Small Cage Feeder 20g
811723 / CCF Small Cage Feeder 30g
811724 / CCF Medium Cage Feeder 30g
811725 / CCF Medium Cage Feeder 40g
811726 / CCF Large Cage Feeder 30g
811727 / CCF Large Cage Feeder 40g

Product Video


Accu Cast Camo Feeder Product Images

Accu Cast Camo Feeder
Accu Cast Camo Feeder

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