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Solid Elastics

Product Code: 812011-812014

RRP (inc vat): £3.49

Frenzee Stretch Solid Pure Latex.

Frenzee’s Stretch Solid Pure Latex comes supplied ready in a massive 6 meter spool for elasticating up to 3 top kits meaning value for money is guaranteed.

High grade coloured latex provides smooth, forgiving fish-playing action that is soft on the strike yet hold control when under duress. Production consistency means consistent performance at all times. Reliability assured!

No matter what the situation, there’s a stretch for you!

Available in sizes 3,4,5 & 10.

Product Codes

812011 / Solid Elastic Purple Dia 0.8mm Size 4
812012 / Solid Elastic Light Green Dia 0.9mm Size 5
812013 / Solid Elastic Dark Green Dia 1.4mm Size 10
812014 / Solid Elastic Yellow Dia 0.7mm Size 3

Solid Elastic Product Images

Solid Elastic

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