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Precision FXT Power Pole

Product Code: 802421-802432

RRP (inc vat): £999.00-1299.00

FREE Precision FXT Rod Holdall with this pole.

The Precision FXT Power has been built around the same mandrel at the hugely popular and impressive original FXT Flagship from Frenzee. This power packed workhorse will therefore fully interchange offering the FXT owner so many more options.

The FXT Power, as its name suggests offers immense power and is perfect for coping with any and all situations you are likely to find in modern fishing. From big margin fish to snag fishing and big weight hauling, even massive flat floats on strong currents, this pole will do everything.

  • 1 x 13m Pole Package, 14.5m Pole package, 16m Pole Package – Top Kit in Pole
  • 5 x Spare top 2 Kits 1 x Cupping Kit
  • 1 x Cupping Kit
  • 1 x set of cups

All tops kits supplied come ready fitted with Frenzee’s Eeze Glyde System.

Reversible FXT dolly butt extensions. Super strong dolly butt extensions built to fit the FXT and FXT Power. Reversible sections made super strong for when you need the extra confidence that a striking section affords. The smaller of the two fit into the number 5 section and 6 section.

The larger model reverses into the 7 section and number 8 section.

Product Code | Product Description
P-FXT-P-16M-PACK | 16m Pole Pack
P-FXT-P-14.5M-PACK | 14.5m Pole Pack
P-FXT-P-13M-PACK | 13m Pole Pack

All Includes:
Power Pole
1 x Dolly Butt Extension
6 x Top 2 Kits
1 x Cupping Kit

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Product Codes

802421 / FXT Power Pole 14.5m Pack
802424 / FXT Power Pole Extention 13m
802425 / FXT PowerPole Extension 14.5m
802426 / FXT Power Pole Extension 16m
802427 / FXT Power Pole Dolly Butt Extension
802428 / FXT Power No. 4 Section
802429 / FXT Power No. 5 Section
802430 / FXT Power No. 6 Section
802431 / FXT Power No. 7 Section
802432 / FXT Power No. 8 Section

Product Video


Precision FXT Power Pole Product Images

Precision FXT Power Pole
Precision FXT Power Pole
Precision FXT Power Pole

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