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Precision 6E FXT 16m Pole

Product Code: 802401-802411

RRP (inc vat): £2799.00

Frenzee are proud to announce the release of our new flagship pole the Precision FXT 6E Pole - simply our best pole yet!

Designed by the Frenzee team and key sponsored anglers the pole will deliver top end performance right across the whole spectrum of high level competition angling needs. 

Made from superior quality Japanese high modulus carbon with reduced resin content and increased fiber content and a carefully selected blend of materials and fibers means Its very stiff, very responsive, strong and critically well balanced at all key lengths.

The pole like all Frenzee products features exacting attention to detail, just some of the key design features include,

  • A super-slick smooth finish right up to the No.3 section, this ensures the pole ships back smoothly and quickly at all lengths every time.
  • Precision marker points all way to the No.5 section, so that you can easily identify the differing lengths that you are fishing and feeding.
  • The revolutionary new Stubby Kits. (see below)
  •  Short No.3 section for greater stiffness.
  • High performance Ezee Glyde pullers as standard. 

The new Stubby No.1 kits have been described as a ‘stroke of genius’, fitting onto your no2 section allows you to convert standard length top kits into a short stubby length option creating an

  • Increased stiffness.
  • Faster reacting pole plus.
  • Less elastic means significantly reduces elastic droop.

All 3 Stubby No.1 Kits come pre-bushed in 3.2mm, 4.3mm and 5.2mm diameters and measure to exactly the same precision lengths, perfect for F1 and carp.

Our standard top kit measures in at 2790mm and measures at 2000mm with the stubby kit fitted

It’s also Longer! Longer? Yes, the pole actually gives you above the stated length with our generic top 2 kit fitted, which means you get even more pole for your money and can make a critical difference on many venues.

Precision FXT 6E

Length (m) | Measured Length (m) | Weight (g) | Weight/M (g/m)
13m | 13.1 | 1055 | 81
14.5m | 14.8 | 1305 | 90
16m | 16.5 | 1520 | 95

16m pole package includes:

  • 16m Pole
  • 8 x top kits fitted with Eeze Glydes (1 top kit in pole and 7 spares)
  • Cupping kit
  • Dolly Butt that fits 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections
  • Short No.3 section
  • 3 x pre-bushed Stubby kits (one of each diameter)
  • Holdall

Product Codes

802401 / FXT 6E Precision Pole 16m Package
802402 / FXT 6E Pole Extention 13m
802403 / FXT 6E Pole Extension 14.5m
802404 / FXT 6E Pole Extension 16m FXT
802405 / FXT 6E Pole Dolly Butt Extension
802406 / FXT Pole Top 2 Kits inc fitted Eeze Glyde
802407 / FXT Cupping kit
802408 / FXT 6E No. 3 Section
802410 / FXT 6E No. 5 Section
802411 / FXT 6E No. 6 Section

Product Video


Precision 6E FXT 16m Pole Product Images

Precision 6E FXT 16m Pole
Precision 6E FXT 16m Pole
Precision 6E FXT 16m Pole
Precision 6E FXT 16m Pole
Precision 6E FXT 16m Pole

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