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Rotating Bait Tools

Product Code: 810935-810937

RRP (inc vat): £3.99

“Bait Tools with a Twist” 

3 essential tools that fit comfortably in hand for easy grip and stability.

Eeze grip rotating handles that are not only ergonomically friendly but also fulfil all your baiting and rig tying needs. Made from strong, super lightweight, floating material in an eye-catching black and orange that makes these tools easy to find should you misplace them. The 360 multi-functional rotating system makes for easy, hassle free-baiting, ensuring that you always have the right tool on hand for the job.

  • Rotating Bait Drill – Perfect for making clean 4mm holes in a variety of different hard baits, such as boilies, nuts and pellets. 
  • Rotating Pointed Baiting Needle – This baiting tool features a fine needle that makes for easy hair rigging and baiting with baits such as corn, boilies, dumbells, meats and many more.
  • Rotating Mini Latch Needle – This multifunctional needle is the ideal tool for splicing and hair rigging. The latch gate system prevents snagging or damaging delicate baits on withdrawal. 

Product Codes

810935 / Rotating Mini Latch Needle
810936 / Rotating Bait Drill
810937 / Rotating Pointed Baiting Needle

Rotating Bait Tools Product Images


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