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Frenzee Internal Bushes

Product Code: 810920-810922

RRP (inc vat): £2.49

Effective design means efficient performance and these internal bushes from Frenzee provide just that. With a newly designed chamfered bore, Internals will give your elastic better performance and increased fish-playing ability. Smoother edges give a freer flow, ultimately meaning less hook-pulls and more landed fish. They are small and unobtrusive yet play a big role in your pole fishing. If you want to go the extra yard, use Frenzee Internals!

Available in:

  • Small – 3.2mm
  • Medium – 4.3 mm
  • Large – 5.2mm

Product Codes

810920 / Precision Internal bush small Dia 3.2mm
810921 / Precision Internal bush medium Dia 4.3 mm
810922 / Precision Internal bush large Dia 5.2mm

Frenzee Internal Bushes Product Images

Frenzee Internal Bushes

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