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Bent Arms

Product Code: SBA-BA-***

A high-quality angled arm that can be used in a multitude of ways and comes complete with a 360 Lock camlock. Also featuring a high-quality adjuster in the longer lengths. This can be used with rod rests, pole socks, keepnets, bait waiters and other accessories. The longer arms also can be used as feeder arms or rod rests.

  • High quality Brass threads
  • 360 Lock Cam Lock with female Insert
  • High quality adjuster

SBA-BA-65 | Bent Arm 65 x 125mm, Cam Lock | £16.49
SBA-BA-140 | Bent Arm 140 x 125mm, Cam Lock | £16.99
SBA-BA-A-240 | Bent Arm 240 x 125mm, Cam Lock | £17.99
SBA-BA-A-340 | Bent Arm 340 x 125mm, Cam Lock | £18.49
SBA-BA-A-440 | Bent Arm 440 x 125mm, Cam Lock | £18.99
SBA-BA-A-640 | Bent Arm 640 x 125mm, Cam Lock | £19.49
SBA-BA-A-840 | Bent Arm 840 x 125mm, Cam Lock | £19.99
SBA-BA90-A-340 | Bent Arm 340 x 125mm, 90, Cam Lock | £18.49

Bent Arms Product Images

Bent Arms
Bent Arms
Bent Arms
Bent Arms
Bent Arms

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