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Phil Canning - 1st in Tunnel Winter League

We managed to catch up with Phil and find out how he went about winning the league individually.

Maggots and bread have played a big part in the winter league at Tunnel Barn Farm, with mix bags of carp and f1s and odd silvers mixed in. Most of my matches have been played out starting short early catching the odd f1 on maggots before moving across dobbing bread up and down the far bank.

Depth wise, I have found anything from 4inch off the bottom to 15inch best. Pegs with a bit of cover to go at are always good with reeds or overhanging trees or even the next platform. I have found a lot of fish sitting under the platforms this winter. Bread punch wise, 6mm - 8mm punches have been the best size.

Then mid to late in the match returning short on maggots has been really good doubling up my weights in the last hour catching great big f1s. Small hooks and very light pole floats have been key to catching the big f1s with 4x10 or .2g floats in 4ft water working great if weather conditions allowed.

My average weight per round has been 50lb which has been great winter fishing and give me the points I have needed to take the individual league title. My results ended with me having 5 x 2nds and 1 x 3rd in 22 peg sections. Team-wise we fell a bit short and finished midway, but was nice to take the 1st spot in the individual league.

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Phil Canning


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