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Jon Whincup Wins The Parkdean Masters 2016

We caught up with Jon after his excellent performance in the Parkdean Masters Final to find out how he actually went about winning this prestigious event.

"After qualifying in 11th place from the previous Weeks Preston festival, the top 24 go through, it was all systems go to try and complete a never been done before double after I won the maver match this final just Weeks before.

For the draw itself you go up in the order that you finished in so I was 11th to go and peg 11 stuck to my hand, game over was the general consensus of opinion. My thoughts were pretty much the same until I actually started to tackle up. The peg itself is the narrowest on the lake with a channel to the left and a bramble strewn far bank that you could reach with 16m of pole and whilst setting up I began to really fancy the peg.

I set up the simplest amount of tackle as I could, an fp700 .2 on .20 loaded mono to 0.16 hooklength and a size 18 1420 hook for the far bank and an fp 800 .2 for down the edge. I also set up a short worm line but didn't ever fancy that. The start of the match soon came and I went straight across with a 6mm hard pellet and soft potted some 4mm pellets in hoping for an early bonus. I tried this 3 or 4 times but never had a bite so I started pinging some 6mm pellets.

It took about 20 minutes to get my first bite and I actually lost it as a 2lb carp came to the surface and pinged off. Not long after I had a 3lber and I was off the mark. I proceeded to have a bit of a nightmare as after an hour I had 2 fish but had lost 4, not the ideal start but at least there was some fish about. The next hour was better as I got to about 25lb with 4 or 5 more carp and things were looking up.

It was at this time that reports started to filter through that fellow frenzee angler Phil Canning was leading with 35-40lb and Ben Fisk was also catching well but no one else seemed to be in contention. The next 40 minutes or so can only be described as one of the best spells I've ever had in a match, I had a foul hooked 7lber in the tail then a 5lber then 3 10lbers on the trot and although I didn't know it at the time it was effectively game over.

I stayed on the same line just nicking odd fish right until the end of the match and reports on the bank were that I had run away with it. When the Scales finally arrived at me, with an already huge crowd following it, Phil was winning with 42lb and when my first net actually beat that on it's own everyone was already trying to congratulate me. My 2nd net actually weighed more at 48lb to give me a total of 92lb.

I still needed to see it with my own eyes though so I followed the scales right to the end to finally see that I had indeed won the match comfortably.

Next came the presentation and my 2nd dip in a lake in only a matter of Weeks and the realisation that I had made history started to dawn on me. It's only been a few days since it happened and I still can't believe it actually did but happen it did and I'll be in the history books forever."

Frenzee would like to say a huge congratulations to Jon with winning the Maver Match This and now the Parkdean Masters, we are all proud of your achievement.


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