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Precision FXT Landing Nets - Mesh

Product Code: FLN-**-**

The Spoon-Pan landing nets all benefit from the reinforced solid frame and strong plastic spreader to aid lifting heavy weights from the water.

All nets have cradle shaped mesh for correct fish position when unhooking and with two different mesh types and 3 sizes in each offer you a strong reliable, stylish landing net that won’t let you down.

Available in the following sizes:

18" Landing Net 45x35x25, Fine Mesh
20" Landing Net 50x40x30, Fine Mesh
22" Landing Net 55x45x30, Fine Mesh
18" Landing Net, 45x35x25, Open Mesh
20" Landing Net, 50x40x30, Open Mesh
22" Landing Net, 55x45x30, Open Mesh

Product Code | Description
FLN-FM-18 | 18" Landing Net 45x35x25cm, Fine Mesh
FLN-FM-20 | 20" Landing Net 50x40x30cm, Fine Mesh
FLN-FM-22 | 22" Landing Net 55x45x30cm, Fine Mesh
FLN-OM-18 | 18" Landing Net, 45x35x25cm, Open Mesh
FLN-OM-20 | 20" Landing Net, 50x40x30cm, Open Mesh
FLN-OM-22 | 22" Landing Net, 55x45x30cm, Open Mesh

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Landing Nets Product Images

Landing Nets
Landing Nets
Landing Nets
Landing Nets

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