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Accu-Cast Method Feeders

Product Code: AC-MF

Another first from Frenzee the New Accu- Cast Method Feeders.

  • Low Profile
  • Weight forward
  • Splash Guard
  • Ezee change system
  • Inline or Elasticated
  • With or without a bait table

Available in two types: inline with bait table - inline standard. 

Available in Six Sizes: 20g - 30g small, 30g - 45g medium, 45g - 60g large

The weight forward configuration of these feeders help the angler to cast further and more accurate than ever before. We have incorporated a splash guard at the front of these feeders helping to ensure your bait is still on when your feeder hits the deck. Also because of the Ezee change system, if conditions alter and you need to change to a lighter/heavier or smaller/larger feeder then simply un-clip and clip on the desired feeder. This can be done in seconds. Saving you that precious time we all need. 

Available as Inline and with or without a bait table also in six different weights these are probably the most versatile method feeders available. 

Interchangeable Stems

  • Fits all weights and all sizes of Accu-Cast Method feeders
  • Allow changes while fishing without breaking tackle down
  • Available with bait table or without
  • Push click to place or remove stem 

20g Small – Perfectly suited to short chuck fishing or fishing on silty bottoms where heavier feeders can ‘plug in’.


30g Small – For most casting situation where smaller food parcels score well. Great for busy commercial fishing 

30g Med – Where you need more feed than a small feeder offers or you have to wait longer for bites the 30grm medium base suits perfectly.

45g Medium – Medium to long range fishing or gusting windy days, this base works perfectly. The added weight will get you where you need to be.

45g Large – Larger food parcels for increased feed volumes and bigger fish. The 45grm weight is for long chuck fishing where 70m plus can easily be achieved.

60g Large – For distance situations where you need a larger food parcel for greater catches. 60grms will easily reach 100m with the right tackle and technique.

Product Code | Product Description
AC-MFS20 | Method Feeder, Small, 20g
AC-MFS30 | Method Feeder, Small, 30g
AC-MFM30 | Method Feeder, Medium, 30g
AC-MFM45 | Method Feeder, Medium, 45g
AC-MFL45 | Method Feeder, Large, 45g
AC-MFL60 | Method Feeder, Large, 60g
AC-MFS20-M | Method Feeder, Small, 20g, & Mould
AC-MFS30-M | Method Feeder, Small, 30g, & Mould
AC-MFM30-M | Method Feeder, Medium, 30g, & Mould
AC-MFM45-M | Method Feeder, Medium, 45g, & Mould

Product Video


Accu-Cast Method Feeders Product Images

Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders
Accu-cast Method Feeders

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