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Jon Whincup's Year

Preston Festival - White Acres

Day one: This Festival is slightly different to all the others in the fact that it's not all about the top 10, it's all about being in the top 24 and qualifying for the Parkdean Masters on the Saturday, a match I was lucky enough to win last year.

Anticipation was high at the draw as always and for the first day I was going to one of trewaters, acorn and canal. The latter 2 weren't in last week as they try and rest Jennys for the final so they were a bit unknown as to how they were fishing. To say I was disappointed when I drew 23 trewaters would be an understatement, I was on 21 the previous week and completely blew out, these 3 pegs in a line just seemed devoid of fish. I have again struggled all day to weigh 35lb and only beat 1 angler, us 3 in a line were bottom 3. So after just 1 Day it was already time for no mistakes, Porth tomorrow.

Day 2 Porth: Peg 77: Porth was fishing well this year with it being out and out Roach fishing, just how I like it. I've had a lovely first half of the match fishing 6 joints in 8ft of water catching a nice stamp of Roach, then Mr Pike decided to join in. It must've took 15 to 20 fish along with hooklengths and also trashed 4 of my rigs, very frustrating. I knew it was going to cost me when I weighed 270 Roach for 15lb with 16lb winning it. A very annoying Day but a 2nd keeps me hanging in there.

Day 3 Bolingey peg 7: Had an awesome days fishing on the carp mecca that is Bolingey. I've caught 130lb along the bank on pellets and 50lb short on meat to easily win my section and just sneak the lake win with a 14 pounder on the whistle winning it by 8lb, things are starting to get interesting now.

Day 4 Pollawyn peg 33: A very slow day catching a very odd skimmer on groundbait and pinkies to weigh just 9lb and 5th in section, the final is looking dodgy now.

Day 5 Trelawney peg 17: I've had a steady day catching F1's shallow short on caster to weigh 85lb and just got done for the section by 3lb, I've ended up on 30 points with 31 being enough to qualify for the Parkdean Masters so gutted doesn't come close as 1 more F1 would've given me the chance to defend my title. There's always next year.

I actually stayed to watch the final as good friend and lodge mate Kev Wadge was in it, and he only went and won it. He made the bold decision to fish paste, a bait he's very confident on, and he made it pay off big style taking the scalps of some of the best in the business,awesome mate.


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