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Jon Whincup's Year

Maver Festival - White Acres

Day one: As usual the excitement was starting to build for the first Day of the festival, with all 180 anglers praying for a Good start. I was off to Pollawyn (match lake) peg 25 on the famous high bank, and I must admit I really fancied it.

I started the match on bomb and bread to the island and within 5 minutes the rod was being dragged into the lake, but 2 seconds later the culprit had done me in some far bank roots, oh dear or words to that effect. It then took 2 and a half hours to get another bite and I actually thought I was going to blank, it was worth waiting for though at about 10lb and the pressure was now off.

I had tried everything by this stage but I kept coming back to my pellet shallow line as that is the method I have done so well on in the past on this lake. I then had another 2 quick fish and I was just starting to think right this is game on, when I then went the last hour and a half without a fish.

It turned out to be a very annoying match as I weighed 21lb in 3 fish and with the lake fishing so hard another 2 or 3 would've been mega, I've actually ended up 4th in the section with Oliver next door winning it and the match with 48lb Mostly on the bomb, a method I never had a bite on, well done mate. Onto the next Day.

Day two trewaters peg 21: I've had another slow Day at trewaters, i've had 3 fish long lining to the island, 2 on a method, 1 on bomb and bread and 1 pinging 6mm pellets on the deck to weigh just 27lb for 5th in the section, starting to get the feeling already that it isn't going to be my week.

Day 3 trelawny peg 25: A nice fair section really and a nice simple approach. A quick look on the method for one 2lb carp and then caster shallow for the rest of the Day to weigh 72lb of big F1's for 2nd in section just being beat by 2lb for the win, bit annoying but thats how it is at White Acres.

Day 4 porth peg 17: I had a few quick chucks on the feeder for no bites then got my head down for Roach at 5 and 6m I have ended up with 282 Roach for 14lb 8oz and a section win and also 2nd on the lake so a nice day all round.

Day 5 bolingey: Peg 17, a nice peg round the back of the island. With no chance of making the top 10 and no pressure it was time to just enjoy the day and just being at the mighty bolingey. I've had 3 fish in 3 chucks on bomb and bread then a further 7 on the feeder before that dried up, then I've nicked an odd fish on hard pellets including a 6lb grassie shallow and finished off with 4 short on meat and 1 down the edge. This Has given me 116lb which was only dood enough for 4th, thats how Good bolingey is.

I've ended the Festival on 29 points which Has been 43rd out of 180 so not a complete disaster but is actually my worst result at White Acres for a couple of years but it's all good practice for the big one next week in the Preston Festival and hopefully qualify for the Parkdean and have a chance to retain title I won last year.


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