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Jon Whincup's Year

Golden Reel Final and Practice Sessions

Most of August I spent practising for the Golden Reel final, a match I had qualified for really early on in the year, so by the time it came round I was raring to go.

Anyone that knows Larford Lakes will tell you that peg 28 on the grassy bank is always a flier and the week leading up to one of my practice matches had seen a Festival on there, with that section and probably the lake being won off peg 28 every Day.

On my practice match I actually sent my son luke up to draw for me and I said don't come back without 28, so peg 28 it was, ha ha cheers son. It was actually my birthday as well so after opening my cards on my peg it was onto the fishing.

With it being a practice I was going to be trying a few things out but being on a flier it was probably going to be pointless as you should catch on everything, or so i thought. I started short on hard pellet expecting a quick fish or two but never had a bite so I was soon out on the method line up to the island. It took a while to get it going but eventually it was solid with a fish most chucks, I tried a few other things out like down the edge and long Pole but nothing was ever that good apart from the feeder line.

I spent the whole of the last hour on the feeder and it was solid and by the end everyone was saying I was well clear, I went on to weigh 178lb which was well clear of 2nd so a nice confidence booster to kick off with. The next couple of weeks were spent with a couple more practices, including the Commercial Gold match and a little 3 Day practice session.

Come the Day of the final I was really confident given half a peg but when I drew peg 1, permanent peg 6, it was effectively game over. I drew 8 in the gold match and had struggled for a bite all day eventually catching 4 Good fish down the edge to weigh 40lb so I knew how bad it was going to be.

I still gave it my all as we were fishing for 50K but I have again struggled all day only catching 5 carp on the feeder late on to weigh 35lb to come nowhere, well done Stuart fotheringham taking home the life changing sum of money, he fished a blinder on peg 4, a peg that no one fancied.


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