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Jon Whincup's Year

Guru Festival - The Good and Bad

Day 1: Trelawney Peg 14
A lovely peg to start the week, loads of room and the wind blowing into it. 5 hours of caster shallow fishing and I had won the lake with 163lb, the Perfect start.

Day 2: Trewaters Peg 45
Talk about hero to zero. This peg had been dire all the previous week and today was no different. I could hardly get a bite anywhere in my peg and my 8 carp at the end weighed 26lb for 7th in the section, Oh dear.

Day 3: Porth Peg 18
After being on peg 19 the previous week I knew exactly what to expect, that's the beauty of doing 2 festivals back to back. I once again fished 2 Pole lines, although it was a lot harder this time, and I grafted my way to 5lb 8oz of 112 tiny Roach to win the section.

Day 4: Bolingey Peg 7
This is a lovely corner peg and one I have had a lot of success off it in the past. It actually had a really big weight the day before and that is not always a Good thing. I really struggled for the first 3 hours just not being able to put a run of fish together, then I finally caught up the long edge and some short meat fish to weigh 81lb and come 4th in the section, a very dissapointing result off what can be a flier.

Day 5: Pollawyn Peg 20
Although not on the favoured high bank it is a peg actually dead opposite peg 27, so it's the closest you are going to get. I lost my first carp on the method around a pole then I settled on the Pole shallow line again. It was very slow but they were all big fish, I ended up with 10 fish that went 81lb to win my section and 2nd on lake so a nice end to the week.

I ended the Festival on 33 points again not in the top 10, I was 20th, but an odd fish here and there could've made all the difference. Well done Paul Holland on winning the Festival, awesome performance.


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