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Jon Whincup's Year

Jon's week on the Milo Festival

Day 1: Porth

Didn't know what to expect being the first Day but it was actually ok I've fished a short and long Pole line alternating between the 2 catching small Roach and skimmers to weigh 9lb 8oz being done for the section by 1oz, bit annoying but a nice days fishing.

Day 2: Bolingey Peg 14
Not the best of pegs on carp Mecca bolingey, struggled all day long pinging pellets, then caught down both edges for 77lb and 4th in section.

Day 3: Pollawyn Peg 30
I thought I was just off the fish here on the famous high bank but as it turned out it was solid. I had 1 carp on the waggler before i switched my attentions to shallow on the Pole, a method I've done well on pollawyn in the past, it was nice and steady with a blistering last half hour when i put 54lb in my 3rd net and I finally weighed 147lb to win the lake.

Day 4: Trelawny Peg 8
Another days shallow fishing, this time on casters, to win the section with 111lb and set me up nicely for the last Day.

Day 5: Trewaters Peg 41
Needing a section win on the last Day I was really up against it with Festival leader Andy Power and Des Shipp on two of the hot pegs, and so it proved. I grafted my way to 61lb on a swinging rig and some on the deck pinging to come 4th with andy walking the section with 120lb and also winning the Festival, well done mate.

I ended up 17th out of the 180 which shows how close these festivals are as 1 more point and i would've been in the top 10. There's always next week.


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