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Jon Whincup's Year

April Round Up - MMT qualifiers, Fisho Qualifiers

Since qualifying for the Golden Reel on the very first qualifier at decoy lakes, I was raring to get started on the maver match this qualifiers, an event i was lucky enough to win last year.

The 1st qualifier soon came around and it was at the fantastic glebe Fishery, a venue that is fast becoming one of my favourite places. All the talk at the draw was that you wanted lake one pegs 1 to 8 and uglies lake, so when I drew lake one peg 17 at least i was on the right lake although too far round or so i thought.

Most of the lakes are very similar in the way that you approach them. A feeder line, long pinging line, a short line and maybe an edge if you have some room. I decided to start the match short to nick an early mug fish, and I actually missed a bite first drop but next drop I caught him, a runty looking 3lber and that was the only fish there. The cage feeder was next, no methods allowed, and it wasn't long before I had my first fish, 2nd Chuck i think, and I had a brilliant 2 and a half hours where i had approx 90 to 100lb.

I just started to think this is game on when i went 30 minutes without a bite, a quick look on my long pinging line and short corn line were met with no bites so it was back on the feeder, I had also been pinging 8mm pellets 3/4 across so I had a couple of quick chucks here to only foul hook one so I soon abandoned that. Back on the feeder, which by the way was the 11ft fxt feeder rod, 4000 fmr reel, 6lb line, .20 loaded mono, size 16 1624 hook, 2mm pellets in it with a juice dumbell on the hook, and its gone straight round again, we're back in business.

I stayed on this until the end of the match just steadily nicking fish, never as good as early on but i just kept ticking over. Come the end of the match and rumours were already going around that there was 4 or 5 anglers in with a chance and i was 1 of them, along with Rob Wooton and Kieron Rich also on my lake in the favoured low numbers. The scales soon arrived and I was admitting to about 140lb to 150lb, but secretly hoping I had a little bit more. So when I weighed 145lb I was pleased but also I had a feeling it wouldn't be quite enough.

I followed the scales down to Rob and the rumours were now that if he beats me he would win it, he said it was going to be close and he wasn't wrong. After his carp nets were weighed it was all down to his last silver fish net and he only needed 7lb in it, and guess what he had. My heart sank when he plonked 7lb on the scales because it worked out he had beaten me by 1lb 1oz, devastated wasn't the word. But well done to Rob a fully deserving winner and i was soon back on the trail the very next Day at hayfield, although I drew a complete no hoper and never actually had a bite.

The rest of April was pretty non eventful with various qualifiers around the country including a no hope peg at Partridge lakes(mmt) which saw me catch 39lb, a nice days fishing at woodland view (mmt) where I had 106lb for nowhere, and a decent Day at makins (fish O) where I had 71lb for a section win.

Inbetween all this I have also been getting my gear ready for 2 weeks at White Acres which all starts at the beginning of May where i'll be fishing the Milo Festival and trying to defend the guru Festival which I was also lucky enough to win last year, wish me luck.


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